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Quality Department

The testing and analyzingof each product group produced are carried out at in-house laboratories. At these laboratories that has specific devices and an expert team, however, the testing and analyzing of the products of various institutions are carried out as well. Göl İplik holds ISO 9000 Quality System Management Certificate.


Within the organization where the quality has never been left to chance through the state-of-the art devices, equipment, qualified labor and continuously implemented training programs, all divisions are shaped with this two crucial facts. In Göl İplik where a automation-based production is carried out, best service is provided to the customers in terms of price, quality and timing.


In Gol Iplik, where yarn qualitiy is standardized for each product, all production stages are checked diligently. In our twisting department, double ply and multi ply yarns producing with or without elastane. Particularly in dying cones we guarantee the quality with special winding equipment.


All details and features that might be needed when processing the yarn are taken into consideration with diligent study throughout all stages beginning from entrance of the raw materials to the factory and formation of the yarn to its packaging and our customers 100% satisfaction is aimed.




Maintain customer satisfaction and consistency by fulfilling customer needs and expectations



Renew and improve the quality of product and services by conducting the right duties at the right time, through the right methods



Retain a workforce continuously contributing to quality that is honored and pleased to be a part of this organization



Exist as an institution that is the Quality Leader of the industry

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